Jarsche Design Studio is an interior design firm company which specialises in Residential & Commercial projects. Jarsche Design Studio was founded in 2017 by our founder, Jason Chen.

Thanks to hard work and hard-won expertise, we have grown from a one-man agency into the small firm that we are on this day.

With just under two (2) years, Jarsche Design Studio not only won our first award, but also it is our second awards one the very same night as the Platinum Award Winner for Best Office Design and Rising Star Designer.

We come in with only one main purpose, is to help clients to achieve their creative vision while optimizing and making the best out of finite property space.

No matter the size of the project, the goal is always the same: to make your property space shine.

Working with us, we provide fresh aspiring ideas, while incorporating elements of your preference into every concept. Schedule a consultation with us today!


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